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LAIIER Announces Integration With Wattsense

Leading provider of early liquid leak detection for commercial buildings and industrial equipment now connects to Wattsense’s digital building connectivity solution.

Early liquid leak detection solution provider LAIIER today announced that its water leak detection device Severn WLD™ is now pre-decoded in the Wattsense equipment library.

Wattsense offers customers quick and easy communication with over 800 different types of equipment, including early water leak detection as offered by LAIIER.

“35% of commercial buildings make at least one water leak claim per year, with often dozens of events unclaimed. Leaks are a huge issue, but so is integrating into the building systems. Our integration with Wattsense provides a fantastic way to hand our high resolution sensor data directly into the building management systems of customers around the globe,” commented Matt Johnson, LAIIER Co-founder and CEO.

Severn WLD’s early water leak detection significantly reduces the cost of damage and downtime. The integration enables Wattsense’s customers to add cutting-edge early water leak detection capabilities to their digital building monitoring, while enjoying the convenience of using the building connectivity platform that they already know and love.

"Seamless integration of LAIIER's Severn WLD into the Wattsense equipment library underscores our commitment to empowering building managers with the ability to communicate with all types of equipment. This collaboration not only expands our offerings, but also reinforces our dedication to providing cutting-edge technology to our clients. With LAIIER onboard, Wattsense users can further enhance their digital building monitoring toolkit," said Antoine Bourgier, Account Executive, Wattsense.

Already in use with commercial insurance carriers, facilities managers, hospitality venues, and system integrators in the UK and the US, LAIIER’s Severn WLD has demonstrated its efficacy in helping companies experience fast time-to-ROI without sacrificing the scale and precision that commercial and industrial environments demand.


LAIIER solves the $19Bn+ annual problem of damage and downtime caused by liquid leaks in commercial buildings and industrial equipment. The company’s patented technologies deploy digital intelligence to detect and alert customers to leaking water, hydrocarbons, and more. Customers subscribe to the full-stack solution, which includes a unique sensor technology, connectivity and cloud services; providing a scale, precision, capability, and return on investment that competitors cannot match. LAIIER’s technologies are already deployed with commercial insurance carriers, facilities managers, and system integrators in the US and UK.


About Wattsense
Wattsense offers a digital building connectivity solution, that is revolutionizing the way small and medium sized buildings are managed and monitored. Our innovative platform offers seamless integration of diverse building systems, enabling real-time monitoring, control, and optimization from a single, user-friendly interface. Backed by cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experts, Wattsense is committed to driving digital transformation in the built environment. Discover the future of building interoperability with Wattsense.

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