Introducing the Smart Surface Evaluation Kits

Our new range of evaluation kits has been created with engineers in mind. LAIIER's tools will help engineers prototype the solutions they have in mind.

At LAIIER we create tools that engineers find useful and use. Making technology easy to access and easy to use is the foundation for value creation.

We have designed a range of evaluation kits that combine the three key ingredients of our product offering: printed sensors, hardware, and software. The kits are modular, allowing for a range of different prints to be tested with each board, and the data coming off of the boards is formatted to facilitate easy prototyping.

In Q4 2021 we launched two evaluation kits focused on the following functions: liquid leak detection and non-contact liquid level sensing. Each evaluation kit will come with various prints, hardware, casing, and the appropriate cables.

Take a look at the video below for a hint at what working with a LAIIER evaluation kit is like.

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