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Early Water Leak Detection for Business Continuity in a Lab Environment

Discover what motivated Rentokil Initial to choose LAIIER's Severn WLD solution.

Working with the Rentokil Initial team has been a truly fascinating opportunity.

Their UK-based pest control laboratories and culture rooms are critical to their R&D efforts. In order to grow and keep insects, they need to maintain precise environmental controls, and use humidifiers to operate within the set temperature and humidity thresholds. 

A humidifier failure not only caused these thresholds to be breached, but also caused significant flooding that damages fixtures, and rendered a room unusable for a number of weeks.

"The Rentokil Initial team have comprehensive plans in place for emergencies, but they didn't know there was an emergency until it was too late," comments LAIIER Co-founder & CEO Matt Johnson.

"Having experienced a catastrophic flood meant they quickly appreciated the value of detecting even small leaks at a very early stage - particularly because of the importance of maintaining the precise environmental conditions they need."

Discover how Rentokil Initial use Severn WLD to detect water leaks early and maintain business continuity

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