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Water Leak Monitoring & Detection of Known and Unknown Leaks in Hospitality Venue

Discover how Big Penny Social uses LAIIER's Severn WLD solution to detect and monitor leaks.

The team at Big Penny Social take an innovative approach to optimizing the venue’s operation and management, seeking reliable technologies to streamline operations where possible.

Their flagship venue in Walthamstow, London boasts a whopping 35,000ft2 - and requires maintenance to be scheduled effectively around its role as a community hub and entertainment venue.

Accurately determining the severity of known leaks is crucial to scheduling potentially disruptive roof repairs. And monitoring leaks in tight spaces that can't easily be examined visually - like under the bar - is critical to avoding expensive repair bills.

"Big Penny Social is a popular venue with very limited time in which to accomplish repairs and maintenance," comments LAIIER Co-founder & CEO Matt Johnson.

"Being able to detect and monitor leaks provides them with valuable data that they can use to make informed decisions about frequency and severity. This makes it significantly easier to schedule maintenance for the right places at the right time, while limiting business interruption."

Discover how Big Penny Social use Severn WLD to monitor and detect leaks early and optimize maintenance.

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