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LAIIER Announces Second Generation of Severn WLD™ Early Water Leak Detection Device

Startup providing early water leak detection for commercial buildings via smart tape launches second generation device, offering significant enhancements to battery life, installation, and operation.

Early water leak detection solution provider LAIIER today announced the launch of Severn WLD™ 2nd generation: the newest version of its flagship water leak detection device.

First launched in October 2022, Severn WLD is a smart water leak detector that uses a smart adhesive tape to detect water leaks as small as two drops of water. Demand for the second generation of the devices was driven by customer feedback, and provides significant enhancements to the setup and installation process, device and battery efficiency, performance of devices in the field, and the robustness of the device’s enclosure. 

‘In the past year LAIIER’s Severn WLD™ along with LAIIER Cloud have saved our customers from hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, and prevented countless costly interruptions to the daily operations of their businesses,” said CEO & Co-founder Matt Johnson.

“The fantastic feedback from customers and users in the field have helped us to craft a second generation device that is better in every measure. Our Severn WLD™ 2nd generation takes our ‘smart tape’ to a new level of sophistication, making it unique in the market for its ease of installation, precision, and reliability.”

Key features and benefits of Severn WLD 2nd generation include:

  • Optimized device and battery efficiency
    • Firmware enhancements that conserve battery life without negatively impacting performance, and that preserve it when sending emergency messages.
    • Average battery life for 2nd generation Severn WLD devices is now 6 years.
  • Streamlined setup and installation
    • Firmware enhancements to reduce device setup and installation time, while also improving connectivity in low RSSI areas.
    • Improvements to the printed electronics sensor strip to facilitate faster, more accurate loading in the enclosure.
  • Enhanced performance & monitoring when in the field
    • Status update messages include additional information on battery voltage and sensor connectivity.
  • A more robust enclosure that meets customers’ needs
    • IP65-rated enclosure to ensure performance when deployed in wetter environments.
    • A latch that facilitates one-handed installation in confined spaces.
    • Optional anti-tamper lock for additional security.
    • A new color that offers a more discreet appearance when devices are not installed in concealed locations.

“We’re thrilled to bring the second generation of Severn WLD to the market,” commented Matt.

“Developing our cutting edge printed sensor technology against impactful real world problems is deeply gratifying for the team, and hugely meaningful for the customers we serve every day."

For more information on Severn WLD, visit:

To view the technical specifications of Severn WLD, visit:


LAIIER is a smart building monitoring and preventative maintenance solution, with a first use case of water leak detection to reduce business downtime and claims costs. Customers subscribed to LAIIER's full-stack solution which includes a unique sensor technology, connectivity and cloud services, providing a scale, precision, capability, and return on investment that competitors cannot match. LAIIER is already deployed with commercial insurance carriers, facilities managers, and system integrators in the US and UK.

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