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LAIIER Sensors: An Essential Ingredient in Every Smart Building

Learn how LAIIER sensors are an essential ingredient in every smart building.

Naming a new company is tough. Encapsulating a vision into a single word feels impossible when your product roadmap isn’t fully formed and your customers haven’t met you yet. But when we started the process for naming LAIIER, ideas came quickly, because we shared a common vision of the future of the built environment: intelligence and digital capability would become inseparable from the structure of buildings in the future. We would build using smart materials, rather than just installing smart sensors onto old structures.

In not too long, our physical world will have ‘layers’ of physical and digital intelligence enabling truly scalable digital twins, augmented reality, and digital capabilities we haven’t yet invented. With a bit of self-reflection, we realized that the only word we could find describe our vision was ‘layer,’ and thus LAIIER was born.

Today, LAIIER is building solutions for smart building use cases that consist of physical devices and digital services. Our first use case is water leaks where we are mitigating damage, reducing costs and saving water.

Our ‘smart tape’ sensors are easy to retrofit into spaces to provide high-quality insights that other solution providers cannot match. But our use of a retrofitted device is just the first step on a journey to becoming the premier ‘ingredient brand’ for smart building materials.

Our customers are quick to make this leap. They often ask if we can make our sensors longer, and wider or whether we can integrate them into the building envelope. We can, and we will.

LAIIER sensor on pipe

Our product roadmap takes us to the walls, roof, floor, and equipment within the building, where we will be a physical and digital layer, pervasive across the structure—dramatically increasing efficiencies, reducing waste, and mitigating damage with an installation procedure that won’t be matched.

Buildings will be born with LAIIER’s smart capabilities. LAIIER will be known for its functionality, integration ease, and quality. Just like 'Intel Inside' highlighted the technical superiority of select computers in the 1990s and 'Gore-Tex' became a symbol of quality outdoor gear, regardless of brand, LAIIER will be the mark of the most modern approach to smart buildings.

Underfloor heating installation of Severn WLD

Today LAIIER looks like a water leak solution provider. We are laser-focused on water leaks in commercial properties where we can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

But LAIIER is even bigger than that. Water leaks are just the beginning. We are in a fortunate position.

We have created a technology and brand which is infectious. We inspire our customers with new ideas, new use cases, and new markets. And as we look at the challenges faced by our customers, we can see numerous use cases where LAIIER’s approach and technology can become a market leader.

Looking back, our journey from "smart tape" to widespread smart building materials will be as clear to others as our current path forward is to us. We are deeply grateful to our dedicated team, partners, and customers who share our vision of the impact we can make when every wall, floor, and roof is a smart LAIIER.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit the Severn WLD page, or book a demo today.

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