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Smart Walls - A  Low Cost Solution to Smart Building Construction

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Smart surfaces, and more specifically, smart walls are part of the future of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Turning ordinary walls into smart interfaces, sensors, and data collectors can lead to optimized energy consumption or increased efficiency. IoT sensor deployment is forecasted to reach 1.3 billion within the next couple of years, according to Deloitte, and smart walls will play a significant role in that growth. Smart walls exist but are limited by current technology. Created by using cameras, microphones, and motion sensors, but these are cumbersome and expensive solutions. LAIIER's printed sensor solutions offer a compelling alternative, making smart walls less costly and easier to integrate than current solutions. 

Interacting with a smart lighting surface

Smart walls will help to build the future of smart buildings

Smart walls allow for buildings to be more efficient in terms of energy consumption and preventing damage as well as adding more comfort for occupants. Smart walls used as an interface would allow users to adjust temperature or light levels. They can be used for occupancy sensing, acting as a heating element, or lighting controls to save energy. They can also be used to create responsive interfaces to create engaging environments for occupants to interact with.

Security cameras

Right now, the solution isn't working

The technology used for creating smart walls is limited to cameras, microphones, and motion sensors. This set-up, however, is expensive, cumbersome to install, and, in the case of cameras and microphones, not anonymous. Smart walls built with integrated printed sensors allow occupants to remain unidentified and anonymous. LAIIER's technology is fundamentally anonymous and has a fundamental cost advantage per unit of coverage.

LAIIER's Severn sensor installed on a pipe

LAIIER goes where other sensor technology cannot

With our Dynamically Functional Surfaces technology, we provide the tools to implement a smart wall with printed electronics. Our products and technology are accessible to both individual consumers looking to prototype specific use-cases as well as to industrial partners seeking to build solutions into their portfolio or supply chain. We use capacitive sensing in combination with conductive inks to make any surface smart.

The goal is to build smart instead of adding smart 

The goal? To create smart buildings with IoT using smart materials, so reprogrammable interaction and intelligence are built directly into the walls, floors, and surfaces around us. We envision a future where there is no need to add wires and sensors to a wall to build interfaces, as the underlying functionality will be printed onto these surfaces, waiting to be programmed or activated based on the user’s specific application and goals.

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LAIIER's Severn sensor and Surface to Cloud system

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