Showcasing Printed Electronics in Henkel's Innovation Center

We're proud to be included in the Lab of Printing Technologies in Düsseldorf.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Lab of Printing Technologies in Düsseldorf showcases cutting edge technologies - and we're proud that LAIIER's technologies are included, both as a display and a live deployment.

Our Severn WLD™ sensors are installed in a range of locations in the lab. Some are set up for lab visitors to experience interactive demonstrations; others are set up as a live deployment to monitor for leaks in areas that are prone to them, like under sinks and freezers.

Both our Severn and Trent sensors use Henkel's LOCTITE® inks and functional coatings for printed electronics, allowing us to create top-quality sensors that are thin, flexible, and lightweight. They're also included in the lab as part of Henkel's INKxperience Kit: a kit that offers a range of sensors, designed to spark exploration and innovation.

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