Water Leaks

Introducing Severn WLD

The world's first smart tape is here: Severn WLD, LAIIER's modular water leak detection solution!

It's been many months in the making but Severn WLD is finally here!

Severn WLD is the world's first smart tape and our wireless water leak detector. It consists of the Severn Board and a Severn Sensor, the same sensors that countless partners have tried as part of our evaluation kits. The Severn Sensor attaches to the Severn Board, which is LoRaWAN-enabled and battery-powered, to form the smart tape. The sensor and the board are placed anywhere where a leak might occur and as soon as water hits the sensor, a signal is sent via LoRaWAN to the internet. 

This is a huge milestone for LAIIER as we've been working hard towards this. For a while now we were able to show the potential of our technology with our Severn Evaluation Kit. The kit consists of the Severn Evaluation Board and the aforementioned Severn Sensor and allowed anyone to build quick PoCs. The uniqueness and potential of our sensors and technology excited many of our partners, with the most frequently tested PoC being a water leak detector that was able to reach places other water leak detectors can't. But the Severn Evaluation Board communicates via Serial and is powered via USB.

It was evident what was required next: to turn the Severn Evaluation Kit Board modular and make it battery-powered and wireless. Our engineering team worked tirelessly to design the Severn Board and after months of hard work, including delays due to the global chip shortage, it is finally here. CE, ISED and FCC certified, the Severn Board requires only a single AA battery to run for 18 months and to monitor for leaks. Upon powering up, the Severn Board is activated via OTAA and runs through some self-tests. Once it passes all self-tests, it wakes up every minute to measure any change and sends the results every 10 minutes, except when water is present on the sensors, at which point it will send messages continuously until the issue has been resolved and the sensor has been dried. 

There are two ways to get obtain Severn WLD: you can either subscribe to our HaaS service and sign up to Severn WLD and LAIIER Cloud, or you can get a set of Severn WLD, which includes one Severn Board and a Severn Sensor. Due to a limited first production run, we are very slowly rolling out the launch and distribution of Severn WLD.

We are proud to share that all 500 initial manufactured devices have been already allocated to our partners who have worked with us and believed in us from the beginning. We are already preparing our next production run with OKdo. If you are interested in Severn WLD and want to obtain a set or subscribe to it, please register your interest.


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