IoT Communication Protocols for Water Leak Detection Solutions: A Quick Reference Guide for Facilities Managers

Facilities Managers need help navigating so many smart water leak detection solutions. Get our guide to IoT comms protocols and narrow the field.

Facilities Managers know that it’s not a case of whether there will be a water leak - it’s a case of when, and how much damage each leak causes. The problem is huge: £13B is claimed for Escape of Water leaks every year, and commercial water leaks cost £8B in business interruption alone in the same period. 

Many Facilities Managers now turn to smart water leak detection solutions to handle this growing problem. But with so many solutions on the market, it can be challenging to find the time to evaluate a shortlist, let alone make a market-wide assessment.

One way to quickly rule solutions in or out is to consider which communication protocol best meets your needs. Your physical environment and your specific use case both heavily influence which protocols are both possible and practical for your needs. So considering communication protocols first is a very results-driven way to narrow down the selection process.

Get a copy of our Quick Reference Guide

Our helpful Quick Reference Guide has been designed to give Facilities Managers insight into the pros and cons of the wireless communication protocols used by commercially available smart water leak detection solutions. 

Based on rigorous testing and research, the Quick Reference Guide is an invaluable resource for Facilities Managers investigating IoT-connected water leak detection devices.


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