Evaluating the Impact of LAIIER's Products

The impact of manufacturing & deploying sensors can be costlier than the problems detected. LAIIER has technical advantages to insure this is not the case.

It is not self-evident that manufacturing a sensor to conserve resources or prevent toxic contamination is a net positive for the planet. If done improperly, the impact of the manufacturing and deployment of the device might be more costly than the problem that it is detecting.

However, at LAIIER, we are well-aware of this potential but have some inherent technical advantages to ensure that this is not the case. LAIIER's fundamental technical proposition is a platform of printed sensors for smart buildings and infrastructure. These LoRaWAN sensors consist of three major components, the printed electrode, the hardware, and the software product.

Unique Printed Electrodes

LAIIER's focus on the development of the printed electrode has resulted in a uniquely useful form factor, easy installation- and an exceptionally recyclable product. We use carbon-based electrically conductive inks, which have a dramatically lower impact than their silver or nickel counterparts, and are also more compatible with recycling waste streams.

We are reasonably agnostic to the substrate we print on, allowing us to use paper, synthetic paper, virgin or recycled plastic. In the future, the substrate will be construction materials themselves, reducing our impact even more.

LAIIER's Severn sensor close up of device

Design-for-Dissasembly Hardware

Our hardware includes our connector IP, which allows us to easily disconnect our active electronics from our print, enabling easy recycling. In addition, our enclosures are easy to separate from the PCB with no tools required. Additionally, our use of off-the-shelf batteries which are not soldered to the board means that batteries can be quickly put into their own waste stream.

LoRaWAN Communication

Finally, our digital infrastructure relies on LoRaWAN-connected gateways and cloud-based servers. We are well aware of how easy it is to ignore the impact that these services create, as they are literally out-of-sight. As this part of our business grows and matures we are making the choice to align ourselves with partners and providers who share our goal of reducing our impact and eliminating waste.

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